Integrity and Code of Conduct

Aeris Energy
Integrity and Code of Conduct

This is an exclusive channel of AERIS for safe communication and, if desired, anonymous, of conduct considered unethical or that violate ethical principles and standards of conduct and / or current legislation.


Aeris is a world reference company in the manufacture of wind blades and since its foundation, in 2010, it has guided its activities on principles of ethics and integrity. We believe that this is the only path to solid and prosperous growth.

 By assuming the position of an ethical company, we are committed to respect the rights of individuals, the environment, society and to fight against any and all types of corruption.

 In this sense, the Aeris Code of Conduct plays an important role in guiding the behavior and conduct of all of us, Aeris employees, including members of the Board, directors and managers, who are equally committed to complying with this document.

The Aeris Code of Conduct represents much more than a list of standards: it is, in fact, the personal commitment of each one of us to act ethically and uphold Aeris' reputation as an integral company.

AERIS is committed to providing its employees with the best work tools, always aiming to allow the greatest efficiency and professional development of its employees, this includes phones, computers, software, internet network, copiers, electronic mail systems, among others equipment and devices.

The use of Aeris assets should be limited exclusively to the professional activities of employees, for the benefit of Aeris and never aiming at the personal favor of those who use them and, therefore, they should be the object of permanent care and zeal, aiming to prevent them from suffering any damage, theft or loss.

Thus, the work tools and materials made available by Aeris must not be taken to the company's external environment, except if duly authorized, in accordance with the current Policies. Thus, in order to prevent inappropriate conduct, Aeris can carry out searches on its employees (with due respect for the intimacy, honor and image of employees) without prior notice, in order to prevent deviations in tools, equipment and or materials.

Under no circumstances will the employee be able to use Aeris assets to perform acts that constitute any kind of violation of this Code of Conduct and Aeris Policies.

Aeris defends and endeavors to establish a healthy relationship, based on legal and fair practices with its suppliers.  In this sense, any and all acquisition of goods or services by Aeris, must be made based on the Principles of Integrity and Impartiality, thus ensuring respect for this Aeris Code of Conduct and Aeris Policies.

Aeris employees are prohibited from hiring any supplier based on a personal basis, such as self-favoring and favoritism or predilection based on interpersonal relationships.

All Aeris suppliers must be selected with the basic principle of prioritizing Aeris' best interests, always based on quality, price and deadline criteria, thus obtaining the best cost-benefit ratio.

In addition, Aeris expects its suppliers to know and comply with the Aeris Supplier Code of Conduct as well as other Aeris policies that apply to them. The selection of a supplier must also be associated with the analysis of its profile and adherence to the Aeris culture. Therefore, all Aeris suppliers must:

  • Respect the applicable legislation;
  • Be up to date with its labor and financial obligations;
  • Fight unfair labor practices, as well as child labor;
  • Prevent acts of corruption; and
  • Prioritize the health and safety of its employees.

We understand that only with the collaboration of all of us, we will  be able to act effectively in detecting and combating inappropriate relationships between employees and Suppliers and for this reason we count on your collaboration to report to your immediate manager, the Legal Department and the Integrity Committee, any suspicious attitudes and problems related to this topic.

Aeris is essentially a company that believes that sustainability is the fundamental requirement for the economic progress and success of its activities, complying with the standards established in the applicable environmental regulations, minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment.