Employee and community engagement

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Employee and community engagement
Social Intelligence

In line with its commitment to the SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, Aeris works on the development of corporate social responsibility and sustainability policies.

Since it was installed in the Industrial and Port Complex of Pecém in 2010, Aeris, a manufacturer of wind blades, has realized that the surrounding region, especially the municipalities of Caucaia and São Gonçalo do Amarante, has lacked projects and initiatives with a focus on community development. Based on this perception, the company began to structure projects and actions that could benefit this population. In 2019, the projects and social services promoted and supported by Aeris benefited 9,246 people, from six communities in the region, for a total of more than 471 hours dedicated to volunteer work.

Vozes Aeris Choir

Aeris understands that the Choir activity brings together and facilitates coexistence among employees through the universal language of music, bringing great benefits to the development of various aspects of musicality, sociability, creativity and also contributes to the health of the individual.

In this way, since 2018 it has provided its employees with the opportunity of this experience, in which employees meet on a weekly basis for rehearsals and present themselves during the year at the company's internal celebrations, in communities through social projects and in external cantatas.

Solidary Winds

Aeris believes that it is possible to provide citizens with access to essential rights through a solidarity network, joining forces to provide free services relevant to the population. Thus, in 2019 Aeris promoted the 1st Solidary Winds event, which refers to a joint effort of essential, integrated and free services in the areas of health, leisure, education and citizenship.

The action is part of the Aeris Corporate Volunteer Program and brought together Aeris volunteers, suppliers and government partners. The event took place at the Luiz Rocha Mota Municipal School, with the service of 59 volunteer employees, 27 partners who attended 240 people from three communities, totaling 609 services.

The services provided were:

• Pressure check; • Glycemic test; • First Aid Workshop; • Dental care; • Guidance on Chronic Diseases and Endemics; Vaccination; Suction Cup Application and Postural Orientation; • Test for Sexually Transmitted Infections; Calculation of BMI and Nutritional Orientation; • Dengue Prevention Model; • Legal Support and Guidance Service; Single Registry Service; • SUS Registration Service; • Professional orientation; • Soap Production Workshop; • Exhibition of Interactive Model of Education in Traffic; • Haircut and Manicure; Gymnastics and Zumba; • Kids space.

Winds of Knowledge

In 2019, Aeris, through the Rouanet Law, sponsored the Winds of Knowledge Project, which aimed to transform public school libraries into leisure and social spaces, as well as educational-cultural activities focused on reading, developing children's cognitive, creative and language skills.

In this way, the municipal public schools for children and elementary schools in the rural area of Caucaia Aba Tapeba (Indigenous), Alice Moreira de Oliveira, Luiz Rocha Mota and Saul Gomes de Matos were awarded with model libraries, bringing new possibilities of knowledge, training of readers, social transformation and local development of the communities covered by the project.


Through the Law of Culture, Aeris embraced and sponsored the International Audiovisual Exhibition (MIAU), as it believes in the importance of contributing to the human development of children, generating opportunities for leisure and culture, in order to contribute to social transformation.

MIAU aimed to disseminate quality audiovisual content for children, exploring narratives and aesthetics related to childhood and the contemporary family.

The main aim was the democratization of access to audiovisual, bringing knowledge and entertainment to audiences that didn’t have the experience of watching a film on a large cinema screen.

Forces of Good

Forces of Good is an Aeris Volunteer Program in which the values of social and individual responsibility in the work environment, reaffirm our ethical commitment, of lasting and trusting relationships with society.

The initiative arose from the need for blood donation for the son of a collaborator. Moved by this cause, the Program gained visibility through Blood Donation campaigns carried out at the Company and other social and environmental actions, which were also adhered to the Program that has been growing since 2018. The program is carried out every semester, where service is alternated with the Hemoce and Fujisan institutions.