Competitive Advantages

Aeris Service
Competitive Advantages
Market differentials

Aeris Service is a specialized services division created by Aeris.

Aeris Service

Aeris Service has trained and qualified professionals to serve the wind segment market in: repairs, paintings, cleaning, preventive and corrective maintenance, photographic inspections. We offer service solutions on all models of wind turbine, fiber components and towers.

We have the know-how of manufacturing blades for customers such as: Acciona, GE, Suzlon, Vestas and WEG; so our engineering sector offers the best solutions, reducing costs and optimizing time.

Our Services
  • External inspection on wind blades by access to ropes;
  • Photographic inspection on the ground with high definition cameras and use of Drones;
  • Internal visual inspections with the use of endoscopic cameras that reach to the deepest part of the blade;
  • Receipt inspections in the park and guarantee;
  • Inspection of the lightning arrester system;
  • Issuance of detailed photographic reports with the repair solution.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance plan;
  • Support for O&M groups;
  • Agility with the best engineering solutions for wind blades;
  • Cleaning and painting of wind and blade towers

  • Repairs on blades and fiber components on the ground, with rope access and suspended platforms;
  • Best repair solution with manufacturing know-how;
  • Use of raw materials approved by customers;
  • Issuance of detailed photographic report;


Discover Aeris Service
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