Winds of Knowledge 2020

Another project of the company that collaborates with learning and knowledge benefits about four thousand children who attend public elementary school in Caucaia.

Social responsibility actions can contribute to improving reading rates in a country where the annual average of books read per inhabitant does not reach five per year and the practice is only the tenth in preference for leisure activities, according to a survey by the Brazilian Book Chamber. In this context, actions to encourage the training of readers become even more fundamental in Brazil. 

In August, five free virtual seminars for educators were offered by the Winds of Knowledge project. Aeris Energy sponsors the project. In a first phase, since 2019, eight libraries equipped in public schools in Caucaia have already been delivered, benefiting around four thousand students. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the activities that at first would be for educators in the municipality, were expanded to other stakeholders with remote realization.