Aeris provides education for youth and adults from communities in Pecém

Projects in the Social Intelligence area, in partnership with Sesi, have two new classes totaling 46 students, among employees and residents of the communities surrounding the blade factory for generating wind energy.

Forty-six new students are having the opportunity to train as of this month of October and thus take classes remotely to conclude elementary school (16) or high school (30). The Aeris School project is a partnership between Aeris Energy and the Social Service of Industry (Sesi). Since 2017, more than 200 employees have had the opportunity to complete high school. 

Classes are being held online in 2020 to comply with the recommended social distance rules due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Students have access to content prepared for the training of young people and adults, such as recorded video lessons and the WhatsApp group, with the support of SESI teachers and the support of Aeris Energy.

The return to studies can bring many changes for the individual employee and for other residents around the factory. The classes are also benefiting 36 students from four communities that are close to the company, located in the Pecém Port Complex (São José, with 22 students/Primavera and Angico, with 6 students each and Cauípe, with 2 students). 

Aeris School is developed in partnership with Sesi to provide formal access to Youth and Adult Education to those who did not have access to classes at the conventional age. In previous classes, classes took place inside the company for employees after the working hours.

People who now find themselves making new plans. About to receive a high school diploma, the operator Karilene Kelly, 34, dreams of new paths, such as a technical course or a higher education course. She had left school when she was 12 because she lived far away and needed to help her grandparents working in agriculture. 

A mother of two children, she resumed her studies thanks to the possibility she had at Aeris Energy. “I am very grateful because I was studying there inside the company. I saw people already at an advanced age studying. We were very happy with this opportunity. I am very happy to have completed high school. Today I can look for a course and do it with my head up because I had the opportunity,” says Kelly.

The paths of education also changed the trajectory of Antônio Oliveira Matos Júnior, who is studying production management in industry after having had the opportunity to complete high school through the Aeris School. A year and seven months ago, he was promoted to leader at 27 years old. Júnior has worked at the factory for over four years, where he started as a production assistant. “I started at the company only with an elementary school degree and, thanks to Aeris School, managed to finish my high school. This encouraged me more and more to seek knowledge and to study. Today I'm going to college”, he says proudly.